Wonderm00n | Marco Almeida

A gateway to my digital self


My personal blog. No specific subject. Lot's of rant. In Portuguese.


A pain in the ass in 140 characters. Mostly in Portuguese. Occasionaly in English.


Wanna be my friend? Don't bother to invite me, I don't play Farmville. In Portuguese.


Some of my videos. Personal stuff, nothing interesting. In Portuguese.

Tumblr | Liked By Wonderm00n [inactive]

Sharing other people's work that I fancy. Everything is stolen from somewhere. In English.

Tumblr | Stuff that annoys me [inactive]

Little sentences ranting about anything and everything. In Portuguese.

Tumblr | tinydetails [inactive]

Close up photos of simple things that surronds us.

Flickr [inactive]

Personal photos. Full galleries and "day by day" stuff. Nothing artistic. In Portuguese.

deviantART [inactive]

I think I'm an artist but I'm really not. My depressing attempts at artistic photography. In English.

Panoramio [inactive]

My geo-located photos. I don't update this much. Mostly in English. Occasionaly in Portuguese.

Foursquare [inactive]

Where am I? Find out on my Foursquare account. I'm a SU1. Mostly in Portuguese.

Foodspotting [inactive]

Nom nom nom. I like to eat! Mostly in Portuguese.

#meteDiscosWonderm00n [inactive]

Me, putting up some music. Not a DJ, I play records! Live sets for Twitter friends. Alternate URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/meteDiscosWonderm00n